Wind Effect while walking


I am sharing walking avatar with required mesh(INZ_Outfit_Top) subdivided into parts
we need to add wind effect from opposite side by which the outer coat should be waving.

we are trying with CannonJSPlugin but i could not find how to set the direction of wind.
pls suggest

Even if you get the force applied on the mesh part, I don’t think it will deform how you expect. You mentioned the outer coat should be waving, but the coat is a single mesh with the rest of the top, so the entire top would be affected. And it wouldn’t even be a believable waving anyway, as cloth deformation is very different from the rigid body physics you’re applying there… and it’s also pretty hard to control the effect…

I would recommend approaching this a bit differently and baking the cloth deformation directly on the mesh authoring tool, Blender for example has a lot of material on this: Blender Tutorial - Cloth Simulation | Advance Simulation | Blender 2.9 - YouTube. It will be much easier to control the final effect, and also cheaper on the final experience.