Problem with Gizmos and Billboard modes

Hey @Cedric (you are the master of gizmos if I’m not wrong :slight_smile:)
I have encountered a problem (funny problem you’ll see) with gizmos. I tried to move, rotate and scale a mesh wich has a billboard mode set to it and it looks like it is broken (part en cacahuète in french).

You can find the repro playground here:
See “woodPlank” that has a billboard mode set at line 97.

To reproduce, select the ground and try to move it, that’s all

Do you confirm that it is a bug? I read the documentation and code and I haven’t found anything special to set in case of a billboarded mesh.

Thanks you rox! :slight_smile:

Let me check that :slight_smile:

I can repro! fix in progress …

You are awesome

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It looks like the best to do is to not update transform rotation angles when billboard is enable (x,y,z or all).
@julien-moreau Do you think this can be a usability issue?

Hey @Cedric I agree that rotating a billboard mesh can make no sense, especially if the billboard mode is set to “all”.

Anyway, the usecase shown to me is: the mesh is in billoard mode “y” and the user rotated it on the X axis to adjust its rotation in order to make the mesh facing the camera (it was a plane mesh).

If you don’t understand what I said, that means I haven’t understood your question ^^

Do you mean that rotating a billboarded mesh using gizmos would be disabled?
Thanks for your answer and your awesome reactivity :slight_smile:

yes, I mean. because of axis decomposition/recomposition I always end up having glitches when I update axis that are not bilboarded.

In my case I can disable rotation gizmo when the mesh is billboarded yes. Do you confirm that position and scale gizmos can be enabled? Or is that affecting all kind of gizmos?

position and scale work fine in billboard mode (any combination)

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PR Disable gizmo rotation when in billboard mode by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #9062 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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