Proper way to handle unlit materials?

I’m using the Unity toolkit but I believe this is standard Babylon logic. I’ve been looking for a good way to disable shadows and lit materials (I want a cartoon look) and all I’ve come across is disabling the mesh lighting on each individual mesh mat.disableLighting = true and that’s fine but is there a way to disable lighting for an entire scene?

Also when I disable lighting on my mesh everything is black I understand the logic though I would assume it would have automatically set the material to unlit.

make it an emissive texture/material?

I <3 you. thank you, sometimes I forget to handle things the easy way, I’m so used to writing everything manually.

I am super guilty of that myself… I don’t know how many times @Deltakosh has bailed me out on something super basic… and then as soon as he says it I start kicking myself.

There is a ton to remember.

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