Refraction for Jewelry rendering

I am trying to render a simple diamond gem with some nice faceted patterns as you would expect.
I suspect there are some content based modeling tricks here (apart from making sure you set up your Ior and subsurface min/max depths…etc . I realize we are not raytracing here but wondering if there are approaches people have used with success. (duplicating the gem, inverting normals, adding additional faceted geometry to “fake” refracted detail…etc) I tried turning backface culling off which helped. but I suspect some here have tried several other tricks…

This is by far the best real-time refraction I have seen.

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Search for diamond in this forum and you will find a lot of material about this topic!


Extremely nice :slight_smile:
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Thanks :slight_smile:

@Anupam_Das I have a few different diamond rendering approaches. Ping me if you need help beyond the repo @labris has already shared with you.