Render loop issue on iPhone 11 - unwanted animation trails

I need help with a user issue.

I recently created a 3D Dice roller with Babylon. I’ve released it on NPM for others to use in their projects. This user is reporting animation trails on objects that are supposed to be rendered/animated on every frame. Here’s a picture of the Render Issue. They reported this issue on iPhone 11 for both Chrome and Safari. I can’t figure out what might be causing it. Is it a hardware limitation, an outdated browser limitation or something in code? Has anyone seen this type of issue before?

The original issue with a link to the app is here: Graphics Issue on iOS Mobile Devices · Issue #30 · 3d-dice/dice-box · GitHub

It looks like this bug here Possible upcoming iOS 15.4 bug which is caused by WebKit/Safari itself affecting all the major webgl frameworks and not much can be done. One workaround that has been found is disabling anti aliasing.

It’s fixed in WebKit and we all waiting on it to land in next major Safari version, hopefully.

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