Seems like triangle is not perfectly reflect uv

In this picture, yellow sand blocks have lines between each other. Texture is from minecraft’s block atlas file, and I’m using uv to cut sand block from it.

As you can see, it is not perfect. how can I remove that line?

Hello Immortality. Could you please make a BabylonJS Playground scene… that shows issue better? That would be great.

In playground, you can edit, run, edit, run, save, edit more, run more, save more… easy… and you cannot hurt/overwrite ANYTHING. Just have a good time with the playground.

When you are done making saves and want to show us, just paste the URL for the new save… to us, here… in this thread. Then we talk more. :slight_smile:

Some possibly-outdated playground-editor hot-keys… listed here.

Info: In this playground… … in line 46, you can see how I loaded a texture into the playground.

The texture is located in my free github account… in my misc folder.

You can have a free github account, too. I highly recommend it. It has been a joy for me. It lets me drag’n’drop items from my home PC… into my github folders (be sure to click “confirm changes” at github page… after you drop the files.) Easy.

If you can “reproduce” same problem… in a playground scene… everyone can help much easier.

Documentation about how to reference external assets: Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation