Some Question about environmentTexture

If scene.environmentTexture is not null, bbl will waste 5-6 seconds after ImportMesh finished.
This is way I load:

This is the way I add environmentTexture:

This is Babylon info:

If environmentTexture null:

If environmentTexture probe:

It looks like depending on cubeTexture size:
1024X1024 5-6s
512X512 2-3s
256X256 1-2s

hey can you make your code on PG

As soon as you use it for pbr materials, we will generate harmonics for it which is a slow process. I would recommend to not use more than 256px size for it or rely on real time filtering.

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I set it to 512px, it work!!!Thank you !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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