Some questions about SSAO

In the animation of equipment disassembly and installation, we do not want to use the traditional method of baking AO, because the baked AO will have a fixed dark shadow between the two mesh. Once the two mesh are split, the fixed dark shadow problem will appear obviously. Therefore, we adopted the SSAO method to do it, but there will be a lot of miscellaneous points at present. We have debugged a lot of parameters, but there is no good GAIS.Below are some screenshots of SSAO problems. I wonder if the official can further improve the effect of SSAO?
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Could you provide a repro in the playground ? also your screenshare are pretty weird links :slight_smile:

I may have encountered some problems when uploading the pictures. Please kindly check them now

It would be much better to add more advanced AO effects, such as HBAO or HDAO.

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Did you try our SSAO2 which should prevent some of those artifact

cc @CraigFeldspar the author of the SSAO2 pipeline

Thank you for your answer. I have looked at the demo of SSAO2. It looks good close up, but if you look at it from a distance, you will have the same problem as me.

Maybe @CraigFeldspar has a trick for this ?