SSAORenderingPipeline vs SSAO2RenderingPipeline

Good morning! I’ve been scouring the docs and the forums for a bit trying to find the answer to this but to no avail. I see that there is a SSAORenderingPipeline in addition to a SSAO2RenderingPipeline. I read somewhere in a forum post that one difference was supposedly the SSAO2RenderingPipeline is for WebGL2, and the SSAORenderingPipeline is for WebGL 1. So a few question regarding this:

  1. ) Is this accurate that one main difference is the version of WebGL?
    2.) Is there a functional difference between the two?
    3.) Is there a performance benefit/drawback to using one over the other?

Thank you!

The second one (webgl2 only) should have a better visual quality and overall perf profile. There should not be much diff functionaly.

@CraigFeldspar could confirm ?

SSAO2 indeed leverages WebGL2 capacities, so it should be more performant than regular SSAO. For visual quality I’d say it depends on the number of samples that you use, for equal sample count SSAO might be on par with SSAO2, but since you’ll get better perf with the latter, you can push your sample count up.


Great, thank you both. I appreciate it!