Switch between WebGL1 and WebGL2 in Mobile Playgrounds

As far as I can tell, even on the latest iOS with WebGL2 support, the BJS PG’s seem to lack a toggle to go between WebGL1 and WebGL2. Is there such a toggle and I am missing it?


Good catch, it was probably to not bloat the UI, @Deltakosh might want to have a look at this one :slight_smile:

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You can track the progress here: Add Engine Switch selection on Playground Mobile (WebGL1/2 and WebGPU) · Issue #10565 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Thanks @sebavan ! Is there an API I can use in the meantime to dynamically switch engines, or at least specify the first engine to attempt loading?

You can by adding a createEngine function in the playground and disable Webgl 2


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