texture.updateURL breaks after UASTC compression applied by gltf-transform

Im doing a runtime texture swap via Texture.updateURL(). The following code has been working fine for months, until I recently tried converting the textures embedded in the GLBs, to UASTC format using the gltf-transform tool. Why would this make updateURL() stop working?

$ ./node_modules/.bin/gltf-transform uastc src/assets/models/KEXP724A.glb out.glb --level 4 --rdo 4 --zstd 18
const pbrmat = ((node as AbstractMesh).material as PBRMaterial);
(pbrmat.albedoTexture as Texture)!.updateURL(logoTexture);

Normally, the checkered texture means the real texture could not be found (404). Are you able to setup a repro in the Playground?

Also, do you have any error in the console log?

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I would guess it is because the format can not be changed with updateURL.

@brechindo could you share a repro in the playground ? as this seems to be ok: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#4RN0VF#130

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