The screen of headset seriously flicker with HTC Vive Pro

This is my project.username:fztest1, password:123456. The hardware is HTC Vive Pro. The operating system is win11.The steamvr is 1.24.7.

When I enter vr mode, the screen of headset seriously flicker.
Is there any method to solve this problem?

Does this happens only with the Vive Pro?

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Using the same project.
1.on win11 in Vive Pro the screen of headset flicker seriously
2. on win10 in Vive Pro the screen of headset flicker not so seriously
3.on win10 in HTC Cosmos the screen of headset don’t flicker

@RaananW I think the vive has quite a few issues right? :confused:

Yes, and they are all reported by @xiaopangoo :slight_smile:

I think all of those messages should be sent to HTC (vive team) and sadly not to us. Unless it is a babylon-specific issue, there is little we can do here. I also don’t have a device to test with, so it is very hard for me to evaluate the issue. If I remember correctly - webxr itself had an issue, irrelevant of the framework used.

@xiaopangoo - we do our best to always help, even if it is a browser issue, but I have the same answer to all of those issues - vive, steam, or whoever need to hear that should be notified to these issues. We use web standards. It should work as is on any device. and if it doesn’t, independent of framework, it’s on their side, and there is little we can do about it. So reporting it again will not help solve this issue… I am so sorry for not being able to help here.

And, I think I said that even in this message already - if it is babylon’s fault - we want to know that and we will work hard to solve this.