The shadow frustum is not automatically updated with the skeleton animation

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When I have a skeleton model , the frustum position is not automatically updated with the skeleton animation.

Is that normal?or just because the model skeleton stucture is not valid?

And when I rotate the camera, the mesh will be cutted

You can manually refresh the boundingBox or give the generator a larger range value.

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As @musk said, mesh.refreshBoundingInfo(true,true) is one way to recompute the bounding box each frame, but it’s a bit taxing on performance because it must calculate the animation on the CPU. Another way is to set a bounding box manually, which is big enough to encompass the whole animation.


@musk @Evgeni_Popov I tried the second way, give it large bouding box and it works!!!

But the mesh will be cutted when I zoom in the camera and rotate camera, Is there any way to solve this?

This is because of the camera’s frustum culling. You can mark meshes not to be culled.

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Thank you very much for your reply, it really helped me a lot

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Or you can set the enlarged bounding box on all meshes, not only on the first: