Using 2nd UV set for Normal maps? 3ds max/GLTF

Hey guys. I tried perusing the forum and web…and didn’t find anything decisive on this issue. I have a 2nd UV channel set on the Bump Map slot…UVs to match. I see UV2 getting exported when I look at the mesh output from the export log. But looking at the model, it doesn’t have the correct UVs for channel 2…still uses Channel 1. I am currently using an older build (Oct 22nd build) so it could be that this works in latest.


adding el maestro :wink: @Drigax

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@Jefro5, currently we only support UVset 1 for base color and normal maps. It’s definitely within the realm of possibility, though. Do you have a scene you can share as a POC of how its configured in Max?

Otherwise you can always modify the TextureInfo entry in your glTF, and add"texCoord":1 to it

Hey @Drigax.

Thanks for responding. I see. Here is a file that you can use to test with. It has a simple model with a texture with transparency on channel 1(UV0) and a normal map with different UVs on channel 2(UV1).

Textures and 3ds Max 2019 file attached.

Thanks for looking into this! (65.8 KB)