Using 3ds max model in babylon

Hello guys,

usually I am using blender but since a lot of models are made with MAX I will try using it. I purchased a model of a watch and I want to add this model to my Babylon scene. The model is provided in Vray and Scanline. I exported each file to gltf, glb and babylon with the Babylon exporter. Vray doesn’t work because of the materials. Scanline works fine but the materials are still broken.

It should look like this:

But it looks like this:

Beside the materials it looks way smoother in the original than in my exported model.

Can you explain how to display the model in the same quality as in the first image in my Babylon scene?

I appreciate your help.


Hi @samevision

I think there’s multiple things going on here:

  1. Vray (and other 3rd party renderer) materials arent supported in the babylon exporter. You’ll have to convert your model to use Arnold or standard materials.

  2. it looks like your original model is using some subdivision surfaces or smoothing to “round out” your geometry, this isn’t really feasible for real time renderers like Babylon.js. can you try baking your high poly geometry to a normal map?

Thank you, for your response.

1.1 So many models on e.g. turbosquid are made using Vray. Is there a way to use these models anyway? Am I able to convert the materials to Arnold or standard materials?

1.2 The model is also provided in Scanline. The Babylon exporter should deal with that I think. No errors appear, but the glass, gold, etc. doesn’t look as on the original image.

  1. I played around with the settings. After turning on “Use NURMS subdivision” it looks way better.

Autodesk provides some guidance regarding this: How to convert V-Ray materials to Arnold materials for rendering in 3ds Max | 3ds Max 2018 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Can you provide the scene? Im not sure what may be getting lost through export. Also, what does the max scanline render look like?

Thanks for providing the link.

Here you can get the model: - watch.rar

At this moment I am not able to get the material work in 3ds max as well.