V4 - environmentTexture act weirdly

I spend some times at work to update a project from v3 to v4, and the update was actually only for lightmap assignation script. Here the weird result I get:

It should be only the way of browsing among meshes that my update concerns, not the visual tweakings values, so I wasn’t understood what’s happen here.

Aaaand of course, I made a playground… which leads me to the fact that using environmentTexture and ambientColor values doesn’t render the same!:

some tests & notes:

  • if I comment the scene.ambientColor line, renders are the same
  • if I comment the scene.environmentTexture, the albedoTexture isn’t visible in the v4!

Pinging @sebavan

I will take a look ASAP it sounds weird indeed. Thanks for reporting.

Fixed thanks a lot for reporting :slight_smile: I forgot to mul ambient with albedo color…

It will be in the next nightly

Ahah ok, that was a nice bug :smiley: Thanks for fixing!

Just checked, seems OK now, thanks

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