Visible reflections despite opacity information in base texture in PBR material


I noticed something using the PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial class. Despite the fact that my albedo (base colour) texture has an alpha, some reflections are still visible on the mesh surface (due apparently to the environment map) where the opacity equals to 0.

I cannot use PBRMATERIAL_ALPHATESTANDBLEND, as I want to capture the mesh in a render target with the alpha in order to blend it later in a postprocess effect.

The whole thing works but few reflections remain where they shouldn’t exist. Is there a way to disable the reflections where the alpha equals to 0 in the base texture?

Thanks in advance.

It depends :slight_smile: most surfaces you can see through will retain reflection which is why it is our default mode.

You can prevent them by setting useRadianceOverAlpha and useSpecularOverAlpha to false

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Thank you very much!