Walking animation is breaking


The walking animation is breaking for every single step, actually we have enabled
in-place walking from mixamo. can somebody suggest what best can be done to make walking seamless without breakage…

I tried with A Pose avatar, still its not working


Did you trim the frame when you export from mixamo?

Out of 54 frames, the skeleton doesn’t move at all at the first ~7 frames. That’s why you see the break.

I stopped the default animation and set to play animation from frame 7 to the end. You can see the result is better. But the animation you exported still seem to have some problem. I.e. the pose at last frame (frame 54) is very different from the pose at the starting frame. So you still can feel the animation is not very smooth. You need to check what did you do wrong during the export from mixamo?

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yeah…i didn’t trim while exporting from mixamo
will update…