Web XR Depth API

Hi, Google added support for this feature to Chrome not too long ago allowing for new kinds of WebAR experiences.


Example Video (native, but close to parity on web)

There are basically no WebAR frameworks that have the proper bindings for it yet outside of PlayCanvas, and I think Babylon would gain a lot from implementing it.


ping @RaananW

Thanks for that! I’ll look into that and see if we have time to push this to the 5.0 release.


The moment this gets added I’ll probably be right back to working on svelte-babylon.


How’s it looking so far?

Sorry, didn’t get a chance to dive in the specs. I am sadly very busy with a different task, but it is still on my TODO list.

I have created an issue on github so we can track this there - [XR] Implement an AR Depth Feature · Issue #11876 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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