Zhippah - Pirate Ship & Worms?

For the past three days I’ve taken a creative break from a project of mine to quickly create something quite different. I have only tested it using WebGL1, since my 1050Ti gave up on me, leaving me with an old and (Horrible!!) 8600GT. So I modelled some low-poly models and kept the style simple.
I kept the updates for almost all my functions, including physics, at a fixed 16ms by accident. That’s just one of a handful of bugs I’ve noticed after building, but I only wanted to spend a few days on this and then move on, so I’m not planning on further development.

There’s no real objective with this demo. 20 worm-like creatures are hiding(some better than others) around the map. If they spot you, kill them before they kill you, by clicking on the cannons on the ship.
I think I made them a bit too slow. No real threat :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m mostly interested in hearing how i runs, as my GPU really can’t handle anything.


@PirateJC will be a huge fan !!!

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Works perfectly on old macpro 1gb radeon (even worse than your 8600;). It also works perfectly on MBP early-2020 with a radeon 4GB. Sorry cannot provide higher-end GPU results as non are currently available on the market :wink:
Oh, and I love the title ‘Pirate ship & Worms’. Anyone who doesn’t want to see what this is is a fool;)
GL with your project (and your GPU issues)

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Oh this is rad! So fun!!!

I killed 2 sand worms!!! Super cute!

@Raggar any objections to me adding this to our community page?


I love this graphical style and everything worked perfectly. It’s actually one of the better performing demos I’ve tried on Firefox.

I somehow managed to flip the ship by running into the large rock in the background though :grin:


Thank you for testing it out, and for the gl. I think there might be some driver/WebGL support issues with the card. Or perhaps it’s just That bad. Most post-processing is out of the question.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel like they should be a bit faster and lethal, but easier to kill.
Feel free to add it to the page

Been there, done that :smiley:
I’m actually stabilizing the ship somewhat, but for the most part, it only produces some questionable steering. It might be better just turning it off completely, and call the upside-down effect a game-mechanic that slightly lowers your hitbox.