3ds max glb refraction materials

Hi everyone;
I use 3ds max babylon GLB GLTF exporter. I have a some problem transparent refraction. I want to make like this example
I did download it this model and than reupload for the test in the google model viewer. It works any problem. But ı try export to the babylon.js plugin not working refraction glass material. how can make this material from 3ds max?
Here is the model viewer screenshot and original glb file Olive Text - Google Drive

cc @bghgary and @PatrickRyan

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I don’t understand what you mean. Did you make a 3ds max version of this model? What do you mean by “download this model”? Did you download the GLB? I don’t think the source for this model is available from the author. The original one was produced with the Babylon GLB exporter as noted here.

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actually what I’m trying to do is to create glass material like here. I imported it into 3ds max program. But with what settings can I make such material? How to ı setting 3ds max materyal