A Tool to Generate 3D Objects based on Pictures Taken from Different Angles

It may be something to consider. The intent is to create 3D reality meshes just based on photos taken on the objects. The mesh information are obtained base on the color information from those photos.

This is outside of the scope of Babylon. Babylon is definitely meant to be able to render those but not to generate them :slight_smile:

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If you don’t know the term, what are you searching for is a photogrammetry software, like RealityCapture. Some open source softwares are also available.

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@sebavan and @Vinc3r,
Thanks for the quick responses. Any suggestions on the open source software on this?

I don’t know about open source software, but @msDestiny14 wrote about using 3DFZephyr and Babylon.js on the Babylon blog: Adventures of Photogrammetry in Babylon.js | by Babylon.js | Medium. You might find this helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @DarraghBurke This is very helpful. Also appreciate to @msDestiny14 's great post on this subject!!


Any suggestions on the open source software on this?

Take a look at Meshroom, Regard3D and Colmap.

It’s not trivial, though. There’s a learning curve to get pictures right and to make everything converge.

Unity have released an e-book about the photogrammetry workflow.

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