ColorCorrectionPostProcess with default/neutral LUT introducing blue hue

It seems that applying any LUT, even a neutral one like the default one provided by Babylon, using the ColorCorrectionPostProcess introduces an unwanted blue hue. I have linked a playground exhibiting the behavior below.

The blue hue does not come from the post-process: if you remove it, you will see that the blue tint is still there.

It comes from the vertex colors of the mesh. You can remove it by setting scene.meshes[0].useVertexColors = false.

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@Evgeni_Popov The vertex colors do introduce blue, but that’s not the blue hue I’m referring to. Even with

scene.meshes[0].useVertexColors = false

there is a difference in color between using the ColorCorrectionPostProcess and not using it. Below is an AB with useVertexColors set to false.

Here is the scene with the post process.

And here it is without.

Maybe the newer approach in Babylon would not shift

@sebavan That provides better results, but with colorGradingEnabled set to true I still get some unexpected elements. Notice the blue lines around specular highlights and the red lines in the eye sockets.

Anisotropic filtering needs to be disabled: Babylon.js Playground

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