Implement Lightmap Export for 3dsMax Exporter and Lightmap Loading in Sandbox

Hello there,

I read a lot of questions about this in the forum and I also asked myself if it would be possible to implement a lightmap export for the 3ds Max Exporter so that the Lightmap can be loaded in sandbox.

The following pictures are done in Photoshop, but could show a way of how to set this all up using the already existing MOZ_lightmap Extension. This would make the babylonJSExporter a even more powerful Tool to use.
That said here is how it could work:

  1. Set up the Lightmap in a Custom BabylonSlot in the PBR-Material.

  2. Check the ExportSettings to use the Extension

  3. This is the Extension and how it is saved in the gltf or glb

  4. the loaded Lightmap in the sandbox

Please consider this. This would be very helpful for a heck of artists.
Let me know your thoughts and keep up the good work.

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Indeed this would be a very helpful feature! this would speed up our workflow as well.

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This would actually be helpful for us in the long term! Thanks for sharing this.

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indeed, would be nice!

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cc @PatrickRyan and @bghgary

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Unfortunately, we are not adding more features to the DCC exporters, but if we will still accept contributions if someone wants to try.