HighlightLayer issue

Hello, my rendering needs several rendering groups (e.g.4) and I want to hilite some meshes using HighlightLayers. The issue is that, when I add some meshes having different renderingGrroupIds, to the HighlightLayer, meshes with renderingGroupId < highest renderingId are just entirely filled with the hilite color.
(In some other circumstances the hiliting simply refused to show…)
Who could point me to some detailed documentation or just explain what is going on?
Is there a way to use the very nice hiliiting technic in conjunction with rendering groups and alphaIndices ?

Hello @Jean-Marie_Laborde,

You can use the renderingGroupId of the highlight layer but will need at least 1 highlight layer per group: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1KUJ0A#924


Excellent! Thank you so much. I overlooked the idea of somehow a matching between renderGroups and highlight layers… It works wonderfully. Claps, claps to the developers and helpers !
Final touch, and now ready for implementation in the new Cabri (cabri.com) :