How to create a realistic environment using pre-rendered assets?

Hi, I’m creating a hyper-realistic 3D environment to for people to roam around. I want to load the environment in parts in the background and want to show the whole environment using some kind of a way to use pre-rendered assets if possible so that the realistic quality environment can be shown. There will be only one character which will be able to move in the environment to see and experience. Is there any way so that I can pre-process or render on the backend and serve the assets online so that processing power on the client side can be saved?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions :grin:

Hello! You can use server-side rendering for that :slight_smile: Running Babylon.js On A Server | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thanks @carolhmj for the response :blush:
Can you please share any link of the demo application and tutorial or anyone who is running it?
It’ll be a great help!

You can search on the forum for server rendering to see the discussions about it :slight_smile:

Hi @carolhmj I tried the way but it is not helping in rendering or reducing the amount of processing power required on the client side. Is there anyway we can reduce the amount of processing required like pre-rendering and then serving on the client side

How did you try server rendering? Can you describe a bit more what you did?

but even using the bakend for rendering will still be restricted by real time graphics aproximations , if the renderer is a real time renderer , like babylonjs. ?

If you want “hyper-realistic” as you mentioned , you probably need baked textures using proper offline baking.

Hmm Oops! I followed the wrong guide. It was only trying to use the server side physics. We can render the screenshots on the server. Now, I’ll try to find out how to make the whole thing work