Light maps from 3dsmax pbr materials

Hi folks what is the best workflow to use lightmaps generated in 3ds max with pbr materials to babylon. I’m looking for a reliable way to get the most from them in terms of quality. Can they be added to a physical material and exported from max or do they need to be added to the materials via js?

pinging @Drigax


Currently we don’t export lightmaps from 3dsMax, the current recommendation is to add them to your material in Babylon.js

thanks, have done that now works great. how would you deal with low intensity clamping effect of lightmaps?cplamping

Good question! I’d ask @sebavan our rendering expert regarding best practices with lightmaps

Not sure to understand what you mean by low intensity clamping ???

OK I’ve figured it out. If it helps someone else it was due to the lightsmaps being gamma corrected at 2.2 mot 1.0. As soon as I did that it fixed the issue.