Iphone SE 15.4 has a serious problem!

I’m loading it in my app as a webview
phone version: iPhone SE
os version: 15.4
Something is wrong with the animation, or something is wrong with the material!!!
And it’s 100% wrong

Uploading: image.png…

Normal is like this:

I know it can’t be solved, but I’m sending it out to let everyone know!!!

Hi @superTigery welcome to the forum!

Can you please repro and share with a Playground? It makes our life much more easier.

cc @Evgeni_Popov

emmm,sorry, I can’t use the Internet on my work computer, but the model is this, you can take it

I rendered it in bjs and then played the animation at the right time,nothing more

Obtain from zip


15.4 is quite old: you can’t update to a newer version?

I tested on my iPhone SE iOS 17.3.1 and it does work correctly.

Maybe you can try to force WebGL1?

Direct URL for testers:

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Yes, the new OS works perfectly!
Our testers found the problem and raised it

I use console to view the log, and there are no warnings or errors!!
If I can’t solve it, I will choose to upgrade, but what about my customers?
Just leave them alone. Ha, ha, ha!!!

Getting a 404 when trying to run this.
Interested to try as we regularly test with a 1st generation iPhone SE, which supports iOS 15.8 but no later, and we’ve had no issues with it in our own stack.

my-opt2meshopt.zip (168.4 KB)
I know this is usually an IOS problem

It’s a problem of url encoding. I updated my post so that the link is not automatically encoded by the forum / the browser.

Works, thanks :slight_smile: And works/looks as expected on our 1st gen iPhone SE at iOS 15.8!