Procedural Texture to "Extend/Dilute Colors Islands on Texture"?

Ok, this might sound kinda abstract but anyone who has worked with Substance Painter will know what I am talking about.

So when you export in Substance Painter there is a option to “Dilute” the export (I think that’s what its called it might be extend?). Basically it takes the edges of the different islands and duplicates the edge color off into the blank space of the texture so that you don’t get sampling artifacts.

I’ve been struggling to find write ups or code references on how this is achieved and was wondering if anyone knows what this process is specifically called and if there are any scholarly articles or demos of it anywhere that you know of.

Hmm maybe our art god @PatrickRyan has some idea?

@Pryme8, the technique is called Texture Dilation. I haven’t done any specific reading on how the process is done, but a simple search of texture dilation algorithm seems to be pulling up a lot of discussion around the topic. I hope this helps.

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