Quaternion.toEulerAngles order

Hello everyone,
so I would like to talk about this:

as I spent a good few minutes figuring out what is wrong with my code before noticing that the parameter doesn’t do anything.

Are there any plans to implement it? Should I try myself and make a PR?

Yup it has been kept as a TODO so if you are willing to contribute it ? let s do it :slight_smile: otherwise, I might simply move the order we use in the function comments as I can totally understand the frustration.


ok, I’ll look into it on a weekend, hopefully it won’t be too difficult :slight_smile:


So, I tried, but didn’t manage to finish it. It requires quite a bit of testing to be sure every order is working correctly.
And I don’t think I will have time to come back to this in a near future. But perhaps later.

Until then it would probably be smart to change the order in function comments, like @sebavan suggested?

@Deltakosh any objections to even simply remove it ??? which I d consider the safest :slight_smile:

Agreed :slight_smile:

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You got it Comparing BabylonJS:master...sebavan:master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub