Something about Quaternion.toEulerAngles api

I’d like to make sure about this area

I think the default order should be YXZ according to the function “toEulerAnglesToRef”

you will notice that in the description of the variable we define it as “reserved parameter” that is “ignored for now”. You are right, but it doesn’t really matter, as it it not used in code.

yeah,I know that the parameter ignored for now;
but this code (order = “YZX”) can interfere with judgment;

rotation attribute applicable to one rotation order by ‘YXZ’,
if Quaternion.toEulerAngles() return one rotation order by ‘YZX’(as the soure code say)

      mesh.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(Math.PI/6,Math.PI/3,Math.PI/2).toQuaternion().toEulerAngles()

those code may cause something wrong,so in babylon,those rotation order is unified as YXZ
but the source code’s descripition is wrong

We should revise the description so as not to mislead others

Sure, i wouldn’t mind changing it, if only for documentation reasons. Want to submit a PR?

maybe we should add a order attribute for rotation;
and optimize the role of the Order parameter for toQuaternion() and toEulerAngles();
Instead of using a unique order

I just don’t think Babylon has enough freedom

Sure! As long as you don’t change the default behavior we will be happy to accept any form of contribution :slight_smile: