Sandbox color picker in linear values?

It’d be super helpful if the color picker in the Babylon Sandbox had colors in linear value range (0.0 to 1.0) , and even better if I could Copy the values with a button.

I’m editing .gltf in VSCode, and making visual adjustments in Sandbox, so it would help to copy colors from Sandbox into text.

Perhaps this can be a feature specific to the gltf-vscode extension. It’s not typical to have color pickers in linear space.

Thanks Gary. Though I might have confused it a bit with my title.

Not Linear colors, just 0-1 value range. For basecolor and emissive it would need to convert sRGB from 0-255 to 0-1, and all others would likely be Linear.

Merely because the glTF values are all 0-1.

Aha, the term I was trying to say instead of linear is FLOAT.

glTF uses float values for colors, so it would help if the Babylon.js inspector made it easier for users to copy colors as floats from the UI, to paste into their glTF files.

It’s actually both. The color values in the glTF files are both floats and linear. :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if we could copy/paste color values preformatted in glTF format.

So if I edited a color to be (255, 226, 155) in the picker, I could copy it out as [1.0, 0.766, 0.336, 1.0] which is the format that glTF expects.

Perhaps this is a suggestion only for glTF-VSCode extension. But I wonder if other BJS users would appreciate this too?

Not many people are editing glTF directly like we do. :slight_smile: I think I prefer for vscode only, but I’m not sure how to do it specifically for vscode.