Two simple question about performance and optimization

Hi, I’m newbie in game programming and of course in babylon js, then sorry for this questions if they are dummy:
1- size of ground has performance and render speed effects? how about size of meshes?
2- is there any way to reduce size of loaded meshes (before or after loading in scene)? (I have some characters from Mixamo and their size is very big <average 12 mb>)
thank you

  1. Not sure what file format you are using, but they are not all the same. Also, a file size is not really what determines render loop performance (affects load time though). That is really done by the number of vertices. File size might be correlated, but not really the driver (same for question 1).

That said, sounds like you have too many vertices, in that if you took many out you might only barely tell at all. Also ask yourself how close are these characters really going to get to the camera.

If you put your work flow through Blender, then you can use Limited Dissolve to reduce you vertex count. It takes parameters which determine which.

Am not going teach Blender. Find it on net, but I always Delimit by UV’s.