Want to create good conference room

Hello, I am new here and want to create a good conference room for learning purposes can anybody help me with good material and solutions.

First thing would be to model your conference room in some art tools like blender and such and I guess @PirateJC has plenty of tutos for it.

Then you ll be able to import those models into Babylon like this: Loading Any File Type | Babylon.js Documentation


Hey @Abhishek_Shakya +1 to what @sebavan has said here.

The best plan is to start with your favorite 3D Creation software. Blender is amazing and free. :slight_smile:

You’ll use that tool to create the environment you’re interested in.

Then you can bring .glb/.gltf files of your 3D environment into Babylon for rendering.

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thanks for that … and we can add webrtc also here?

We can add WebRTC and Server program easily?

Thanks for suggestion

Yes you have full access to common WebRTC capabilities and can easily connect Babylon.js to any server as well.

Thanks for that.
I’ll try to make server once for this.