Please ad an intensity slider for the enfironment light in the Inspector


Please ad an intensity/contrast slider for the environment light in the Inspector.


Can you be more specific? What parameter should this slider update?

Adding @PatrickRyan FYI

(Happy to add it by the way as soon as I will be sure to get the need :))


Just make the IBL less bright.


adding @sebavan but I think you can already do it on the material by reducing the envTexture level


do you mean, loop through all the materials & change the environmentIntensity?

BTW, a change to Blender exporter snuck into a skeleton bug fix I commit I did yesterday. It allows you to modify it on a material by material basis. Also planning to get rid of namespace for materials. You cannot share materials cross blend file in the JSON exporter.


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@JCPalmer solution works as well:

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I see i could do that for 50 materials.
But a slider would be easier.


Interesting i dont have this slider in the materials.
Think maya isnt exporting the connection.

I have there only Metallic and Roughness.
Please click onto the image its cropped in here.



you can change it at scene level (my first capture)