GPU picking demo

I find that Babylon do not have built-in GPU picking solution.
And in several topics, people mentioned it but without giving any PG.
So, i am pleasure to share these PGs for those who need a guide:

Instanced mesh case:
Ray picking(64k instances, 0.7 million faces, 25 fps):
GPU picking(343k instances, 8 million faces, 60 fps):

Non-Instanced mesh case:
Ray picking(27 meshes, 13 million faces, 30 fps):
GPU picking(27 meshes, 13 million faces, 60 fps):


Amazing, thanks for sharing! :smile:

Hey what about having that in the engine? @sebavan what do you think?

Hi @kikoshoung

This is amazing. Would this approach generally work in a complex scene? Is it possible that the index mapped color is the same as for example tree or grass in the scene?

I really love the idea and I guess a PR of a GPUPicker system would be amazing ???


Hi @slin
You can control the renderTarget.renderList to add or remove meshes which you wanted, like this (let some of the spheres use GPU picking, the others use Ray picking):

And consider of the color conflict problem, you could do these simple works:

  1. Keep the color number value unique in global (a global increasing count value should be an easy way)
  2. Replace the environment colors (for example: the background color) like the picking meshes do (give it an unique color also) before renderTarget rendering
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After finishing my own project, maybe i could do this for community.
At that time, it will be more stable and flexible. :smile:


@syntheticmagus was working on something like this, but I don’t know if it was finished.